Cruise & Stay

Disembarkation doesn’t have to mean the end your cruising adventure. At the Cruise Specialist we can tailor-make your itinerary to include a hotel stay at either the start or end of your journey – no matter where you are in the world. Plus, we have access to numerous flights and airlines so can arrange for you to fly back home when you are ready.

Below are a selection of our current Cruise & Stay deals, call 0330 094 0218 or Enquire for more.

Baja California's Treasures

Departs 27th April 2020 for 16 Nights.

Fall Foliage

Departs 11th September 2020 for 12 Nights.

Transatlantic Christmas in New York

Departs 15th December 2019 for 12 Nights.

Illuminated Skylines

Departs 10th March 2020 for 19 Nights.

Enlightened Passage

Departs 3rd December 2019 for 19 Nights.

Vancouver & Alaska Cruise and Stay

Departs May to September 2020 for 8 Nights.

Gems of Southeast Asia & Dubai

Departs 9th March 2020 for 16 Nights.

Highlights of Antiquity

Departs 21st April 2020 for 11 Nights.

Journey Across Canada & Alaska Cruise

Departs May to September 2020 for 17 Nights.

Crossing the Atlantic

Departs 31st October 2020 for 17 Nights.

Cityscapes & Beach Breaks

Departs 19th November 2019 for 18 Nights.

Singapore & Southeast Asian delights

Departs 10th March 2020 for 10 Nights.

Copacabana & South America Delights

Departs 27th November 2019 for 14 Nights

Luxury Yachting around the Mediterranean

Departs 7th May 2020 for 11 Nights.

Miami & Caribbean Sunfarer

Departs 18th October 2019 for 14 Nights.

Singapore, India & Dubai

Departs 15th December 2019 for 18 Nights.

Dubai, India & Singapore

Departs 28th February 2020 for 21 Nights.

Dubai & Jewels of Arabia

Departs 6th December 2019 for 15 Nights.