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Discover The Ends Of The Earth

Set sail with Silversea Expeditions and discover the ends of the earth - feel the thrill of setting foot on land previously unknown and seldom explored.

Unlike any other form of travel you have experienced, a Silversea Expedition cruise is both humbling and awe-inspiring as you call in to some of the world's most remote places and discover them in depth.

No matter where on earth you explore with Silversea Expeditions, you will enjoy a fully immersive and unique holiday, expanding your horizons while denying yourself no creature comforts!

Silver Expediton Cruise Destinations

Africa & Indian Ocean

A luxury expedition voyage to Africa can never fail to delight and surprise as this is a destination which is both profound and extreme. From endless gamelands with wild animals roaming to ranges of snow-capped mountains. Here also you will find an incredible diversity of cultures, some of which are far older than any others on earth.

American West Coast

Explore the stunning West Coast of America on a Silversea Expedition voyage - taking you from unforgettable coastlines to ice and volcanoes. North America is a land of cities and vast swathes of unspoiled countryside where wooded hillsides and towering redwood trees frame wildflower meadows and epic mountain views, while the sophisticated metropolises of San Francisco, LA and more beckon with gourmet food, star studded stories and cultural delights


Join Silversea Expeditions on an Arctic voyage and set foot on the last place on earth that can truly say it is untouched by humanity. On your Antarctic voyage, revel in the sheer beauty and overwhelming power of nature and abundance of wildlife. Sail across seas as still as glass, pass giant icebergs on clear blue waters. You will share this landscape with unafraid rookeries of penguins and the giant, magnificent elephant seals to name but a few.

Arctic & Greenland

A brief window of summer allows you to explore the magical Arctic, one of the most inspiring destinations on earth. Create memories that will last a lifetime on a Silversea Arctic expedition luxury cruise, where you will encounter abundant wildlife, dramatic vistas and the Midnight Sun. Follow in the footsteps of Vikings and traders as you discover lands of icebergs and rugged cliffs, polar bears, walrus and whales.

Australia & New Zealand

Head down under with your Silversea Expedition cruise to a land of unparalleled beauty and biodiversity. From the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru and the oldest living civilisation in the world, Australia is a land where memories are made to last a lifetime; the wildlife is some of the most unique and iconic on earth and the scenery will live long in your heart. New Zealand is greener, smaller and more compact but her landscapes inspired the scenery for the Lord of the Rings film franchise and brings thousands of visitors back, time after time.

Galapagos Islands

Your Silversea luxury expedition cruise to the Galapagos Islands visits a living natural history museum, a land where the creatures are as unique as they are engaging. Swim with sea lions, stroll along lava tunnels and allow Silversea Expeditions to take you back to the beginnings of time itself. Your all-suite small luxury cruise ship is ideal for exploring this remote, legendary archipelago where elephant bull seals bellow, iguanas bask and the Blue-footed Booby engages in its courtship rituals.

South Pacific Islands

Discover some of the most idyllic destinations on earth - a set of remote islands, bursting with colour and culture. Separated by huge expanses of ocean spread over three million square miles, the islands of the South Pacific includes a huge range of geographic features, cultures and wildlife with enough untouched natural beauty, tribal cultures and ancestral traditions to fill a library.

What's Included when you book Silversea Expeditions with The Cruise Specialists:

- All Ocean View Suite accommodation

- Butler Service for Every Suite

- Drinks in-Suite & throughout the ship

- Gourmet Dining (including in-Suite & 24 hour room service)

- Gratuities

- Onboard Lectures and Expedition Activities

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