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Caribbean Cruises

In the Caribbean experience blissfully warm seas and countless vibrant, beautiful islands all with cultural influences from Africa, Latin America and Europe. It's closeness to the mainland USA means the Caribbean is by far the world's most popular and busiest cruise area.

Caribbean cruises depart from nearby Miami, New Orleans or Houston or occasionally longer voyages will sail from the UK or fly directly to Barbados.

When To Visit?
The Caribbean is a year-round destination with a warm and temperate climate, however, most cruises around the Caribbean will visit between November and April when the temperatures are lower.

Selected Caribbean Cruises

Eastern Caribbean

Cruises to the picturesque Eastern Caribbean are usually 7 nights long and will explore the islands of the West Indies and Bahamas. Spend a beach day at one of the Bahamas Cays or vibrant Puerto Rico, travel south towards St Kitts and the Leeward Islands.

Western Caribbean

Cruises to the Western Caribbean will chart a course to Mexico and the resorts of the Yucatan Peninsula, occasionally making a stop at Key West along the way. Panama and Belize are also popular destinations, along with traditional favourites such as Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Longer itineraries will sometimes combine east and west Caribbean to make a 14 night odyssey.

Southern Caribbean

Most cruises to the Southern Caribbean are slightly longer than 7 nights, usually visiting the Grenadines and Windward Islands before heading north towards Trinidad & Tobago and Dutch Aruba.