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World Cruises

A world voyage is the classic cruising experience, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore new destinations and circle the globe. A typical world cruise will take 3 months to complete, visiting at least 30 ports plus shorter sectors which can range from 7 to 70 nights. The most popular starting point for world voyages is Southampton, however other voyages will begin from New York, Miami or Los Angles. World cruises will take in destinations including Australia, Africa, South America, India, Asia and the Pacific.

When to Visit?
The most popular time for world cruises is departing in January through to April or May, depending on length. In recent years some world voyages have departed in Autumn or Spring, but these are rare exceptions. Weather depends, of course, on destination and will vary.

Full World Cruises

Heading west a classic full world cruise will head to bustling New York before exploring the islands of the Caribbean. From here, depending on the size of vessel, you may head down around South America or take a short-cut through the Panama Canal. From here the Pacific awaits with Australia and New Zealand a favourite stopping point. Asia beckons afterwards with Japan and China full of exotic promise and adventure before returning to the Mediterranean via the Persian Gulf and Suez Canal.

Other World Voyages

Other world voyages may take similar but different routes, sometimes swapping out ports in the Far East for a chance to visit Africa and take a leisurely cruise around the continent. Some South American journeys will linger there, spending time in each port and calling into destinations seldom visited. Each destination is different and thus every world voyage has points of distinction which set them apart from others.

World Cruise Sectors

A popular choice among many travellers is to choose a World Cruise "sector", a shorter portion of the voyage which can take in just a few ports of call over 5 nights or include the majority of the voyage, depending on itinerary. This is an ideal way to make the cruise fit what you want exactly, and is a cheaper way to explore the world.

Selected World Cruises