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Northern Europe Cruises

A cruise to Northern Europe is a voyage to the medieval cities surrounding the Baltic Sea, the majestic Norwegian Fjords, the windswept islands and historic cities of Western Europe and the volcanic lands of Iceland. The Baltic is circled by a host of historic, medieval cities which boast between them some of the finest architecture and art in the world. The grand fords of Norway are bordered by snow-capped mountains and speckled with glaciers while Western Europe has cosmopolitan cities such as Dublin, London and Amsterdam easily accessible on British Isles cruises.

When to Visit?
The best season to cruise to Western Europe is from May to September when the weather is dry and can get quite warm, however cruises do operate all year round including short breaks and voyages to the Fjords.

Selected Northern Europe Cruises

The Baltic Sea

Even today the Baltic Sea is crossed by the same trade routes of the Hanseatic League traders and is fringed by cities teeming with history, ripe to explore. Grand St. Petersburg has hosts of priceless artistic treasures and baroque palaces, fitting additions to the former capital of the Russian Empire; charming Tallinn is a fairytale come to life with turrets, towers and wide, open squares; Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm are a tantalising mix of old and new, giving the visitor a snapshot of true Scandinavian life. You can sail to the Baltic from the UK, cruises are usually 10 to 14 nights in duration - for shorter voyages you can fly out to Hamburg, Copenhagen or Amsterdam and begin your adventure from there.

The Norwegian Fjords

Call in to the gateway cities of Stavanger or Bergen before plunging deep into the incredible ice-sculpted fjords of Geirangerfjord, Sognefjord or Hardangerfjord. Here amid towering mountains you will find tiny villages, glistening glaciers and mighty, cascading waterfalls. Cruises here will set sail from the UK, Hamburg, Copenhagen or Amsterdam.

Western Europe and Iceland

Some cruises to western Europe will spend a little time exploring ports from Le Havre in France to Hamburg in Germany on shorter adventures, or as part of a longer itinerary which may go as far as the Iberian peninsular. Other cruises will circumnavigate the British Isles, calling into major cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and Dublin in addition to smaller, less visited ports in Guernsey and the Hebrides. Hebridean Island Cruises specialise in voyages around the lochs, inlets and islands of the Scottish coast and are much sought after by the discerning traveller. Longver voyages may head up to Greenland and Iceland, calling into fascinating Reykjavik and the rugged yet charming Faroe Islands.