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Cruise Through The Panama Canal

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial World, the Panama Canal provides a unique opportunity to cruise between the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Some Caribbean cruises will include just a partial transit of the canal up to Gatun Lake, but others will have a full transit included, generally including ports in Coastal Mexico, Central America and the Southern Caribbean.

When to visit?
Most cruises will cruise through the Panama Canal in the northern winter, from October to April when the weather is generally warmer and it is the dry season in Central America.

Southern Caribbean

Setting off from Miami, cruises to the southern Caribbean will call into to Curacao and Aruba, colourful Jamaica and Cartagena in Columbia before entering the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal

Cruising the Panama Canal is one of cruising's most unforgettable experiences - a 51 mile crossing taking a full day between Panama City on the Pacific side through to Colon in the Caribbean. By an amazing feat of mechanics and on-shore "mule" locomotives, the "Big Ditch" lifts your cruise ship through three great locks before you travese man-made lakes, channels which have been blasted through rock and dense, tropical jungle.

Pacific Coast

On the Pacific side of the Panama Canal, you will generally call into Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Heading further south you may visit San Jose from Puntarenas, from where you can explore the rainforests and mountains of Costa Rica. Heading into Puerto Quetzal you can visit the Mayan ruins in Guatemala.

Selected Panama Canal Cruises