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Arctic Cruises inc. Greenland

The "Roof of the World", the Arctic is where you will find spectacular fjords along the coast, ice flows and glaciers combined with an abundance of wildlife. Your choice of cruise ship to explore this region is huge, from the larger, more luxury style vessels to smaller expedition type ships complete with ice-hardened hulls. Voyage around the coast to Svalbard or the Russian city of Murmansk; explore the ice fields of Greenland's coast or even the Northwest Passage around the top of Canada.

When to Visit?

Cruises to the Arctic and Greenland typically set sail from June to August, when the weather is pleasant. Cruises continue to the Norwegian Coast during winter thanks to the Gulf Stream keeping the coast ice free, as long as passengers are prepared to brave colder weather and short daylight hours. An increasingly popular cruise is one which is dedicated to viewing the Aurora Borealis.

Selected Arctic Cruises:

Norwegian Coast & Northern Russia

It has always been popular to cruise the North cape of Norway and into the Arctic Ocean from the UK and occasionally other ports in Northern Europe such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam. The most famous Norwegian Coastal Voyages are with Hurtigruten, who run regular voyages heading north from Bergen and south from Kirkenes, exploring every inch of the Norwegian coast and visiting Lofoten Islands, Tromso and over 30 ports. Larger cruise ships will chart a similar route but are not able to visit as many ports of call.


The archipelago of Spitsbergen sits just 600 miles from the North Pole, deep within the Arctic Circle and is a popular port of call for cruises to the Arctic. You'll find a proliferation of arctic wildlife, with jagged peaks, giant glaciers and dramatic fjords.

Greenland & the Northern Passage

Greenland is an ever increasingly popular destination for major cruise lines, with ice fields and remote towns dotting the landscape. Expedition cruises from Canada will discover the Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay and the polar icecap on the coast of northern Greenland. Occasionally there is the opportunity to cruise through the Northwest Passage.