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Far East Cruises

Book your Far East cruise and discover exotic Asia, a destination of well-known jewels and hidden gems, with Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines in the north, through to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the south. A vast area for exploration, this is still in many ways a new destination for cruises, which are the perfect way to discover the diverse scenery and wide variety of culture on offer. The Far East is always a popular destination for world cruises, which will generally include calls to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing & Bangkok - less frequently visited ports visited include Manila, the East Coast of Malaysia.

When to Visit?
The tropical climate means the best time to visit is between November and February.

Selected Far East Cruises

China and Japan Cruises

China is a destination unlike any other, a contrast of ancient and modern with a fast-paced, ever changing economy where mega-cities rise and the world comes to trade situated next to ancient temples and monuments to a life that for most is long gone, but for others remains the everyday. No visit to China is complete without a trip to the Forbidden City or Great Wall of China, both easily accessible when you call into Tianjin for Beijing. Head south from here & inland to the legendary Terracotta Army at Xi'an.

Modern, bustling Japan is a technicolour dream of new technology and action-packed cities, all informed by Japan's unique culture and traditions, dating back generations. A call into Tokyo is a visit to a futuristic city full of life; take the bullet train to Mount Fuji, see the world from the Tokyo Skytree or visit the past at the Senso-ji temple. Other Japan ports of call include Kyoto, famed for it's Buddhist temples, gardens and imperial palaces or remote Okinawa, home to karate, white sand beaches and its own, distinct culture.

Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam Cruises

Cultured and historic, the neighbouring countries of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are uniquely rewarding and exciting destinations. Thailand is, of course, famed for its cuisine which is popular the world over, but there is so much more to this stunning country, from the modern heart of Bangkok to the rice paddies and tropical forests and gleaming, golden Buddhas dotting the landscape. There is gold on the beaches too on the sands of Phuket, while Vietnam has the limestone cliffs and dramatic vistas of Halong Bay in stark contrast to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) where recent conflicts are remembered and glistening new buildings erected.

In Cambodia the past is always present, both recent and ancient. Shianoukville is the main coastal port, where white sand beaches and a laid-back atmosphere prevail. To really get to the heart of Cambodia take a Mekong river cruise, which will enable you to see all three exotic countries along with historic Angkor Wat, one of the largest religious monuments in the world.

Indonesia and Malaysia Cruises

Playful, adventurous Indonesia has over 8,000 inhabited islands (and a further 9,000 uninhabited) which means it is a land of vast coastlines, stunning beaches and countless quaint harbours and deep, blue sea. Visit Malaysia on your Far East cruise via Port Klang for Kuala Lumpur, a city of skyscrapers and history - from the Petronas Towers to the iconic, red pillared Thean Hou Temple & Moorish architecture, this is a destination containing something for everyone.