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Antarctica Expedition Cruises

Your Antarctica expedition cruise will take you to one of the most forbidding and sparsely populated places on earth, with only permanent manned research stations providing any kind of consistent human habitation - as a result the scenery is virtually unspoiled and wildlife both fearless and abundant. As you explore this icy wilderness from the comfort of a modern cruise ship you can rest assured that all visits to the region are carefully controlled to maintain environmental standards and ensure the pristine natural state is kept intact.

When to Visit?

It is only possible to visit Antarctica and the southern hemisphere when conditions permit between November and March when temperatures are usually around -5C to -8C with strong wind chill. Good protective clothing is essential; some cruises will provide exploration gear however please consult your Cruise Specialist before booking to see what equipment is provided.

The Antarctic Peninsula

The huge northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula lies across the Drake Passage, south of Tierra del Fuego and South America. In contrast to the icy landscape, offshore you'll find islands like Deception, with hot springs and volcanic caldera. Paradise Harbour is ringed by floating icebergs and hanging ice cliffs and the glacier-dotted Lemaire Channel is considered to be one of Antarctica's most picturesque sights.

South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands

The island of South Georgia is a mixture of ravines, mountains and glacier fields, first discovered by Captain Cook in 1775, around 800 miles off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The scenery is majestic, with ice-sculpted coves, snow capped ridges and endless, barren terrain along with historic whaling sites.

The Falkland Islands

A popular stop on any Antarctica Cruise, the cluster of 200 Falkland Islands are 480 miles off Cape Horn and home to just 3,000 people. The rolling moorland and unspoilt shores are an ideal place to spot seals, penguins or even some of the Falkland Islands population of over half a million sheep!