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Noble Caledonia

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Noble Caledonia is a UK based Tour Operator offering a mix of expedition, inshore, ocean and river cruising.  Cruises are on a variety of smaller ships operating all over the world.

Noble Caledonia uses a variety of ships from reputable cruise operators.

Noble Caledonia’s raison d ètre, has from our earliest days been to offer varied cruises on vessels of a unique style. Such small ships allow us to create itineraries and an onboard ambience that is conducive to exploring the world and learning of its wonders in the company of like-minded travellers. It is our view that the best way to achieve this ideal is to limit the number of passengers to such a size that allows the camaraderie to grow between passengers thereby creating a warm and friendly atmosphere onboard. Small numbers onboard also allow the crew and staff to provide a more personal and caring service, something which is not feasible on larger vessels.

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