Noble Caledonia

Noble Caledonia

The Noble Experience

From their very earliest days, Noble Caledonia have set out to offer a variety of experiences on smaller, more intimate ships.

Small ship cruises allow Noble Caledonia to create both itineraries and an onboard atmosphere which is ideal to explore the world, safely in the company of like-minded fellow explorers. Smaller ships allow friendships to grow between guests, fostering a close atmosphere onboard as you explore some of the most far-flung corners of the world.

The atmosphere you will find onboard is closer to a private yacht or country house hotel than larger cruise ships. After dinner you will find guests speakers and informative briefings rather than broadway style shows; all whilst maintaining the very highest standards of comfort and service.

As a Tour Operator, Noble Caledonia offer a mix of expedition, inshore, ocean and river cruising on a variety of ships from cruise operators all over the world. Ask our Cruise Specialists for details of specific voyages.

Call The Cruise Specialists on 0330 094 0218 to book your Noble Caledonia Cruise.

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