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A true luxury cruise stands out from the crowd, offering something distinculy different and more refined than the average. A true luxury cruise offers a deliciously indulgent experience for a select group of between 100 and a maximum of just 1,250 passengers on larger vessels. Luxury cruises are distinguished by rare, implicit qualities only the truly discerning will appreciate, something we at The Cruise Specialists take pride in focusing on.

A luxury cruise is all about quality from the moment you step on board; personalised experiences, tailored products and service that can only be described as impeccable. Luxury cruise ships are equipped with an array of staterooms and suites a class above the ordinary, with private balconies and stunningly-appointed marble bathrooms, not to mention luxurious, comfortable bedding and much more. The dining onboard will often meet or even surpass what you will find on land, with menus created by Michelin starred chefs served in decedant surroundings.

One truly distinctive feature of luxury cruising is the all-inclusive policy onboard, on many lucury cruises you will find that gratuities, drinks, dining, WiFi and on some voyages even shore excursions are all included in your price.