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Cruise Itinerary

Five Night Fjords
Balmoral Fred Olsen Cruise Lines 01 May 2020 5 Nights
11/5/205PMNewcastle, UK
22/5/20At Sea
A wonderfully peaceful village at the head of Eidfjord, an arm of western Norway's serene Hardangerfjord, whose glassy waters and towering cliffs encompass some of the country's finest fjord scenery. From here you can travel to Voringfoss, Norway's best-known waterfall and discover the breathtaking beauty of the Mabodal Valley.
Deep in the narrow Ulvikfjord - a peaceful arm of the Hardangerfjord - enchanting little Ulvik nestles in the heart of one of Norway's most fertile fruit growing regions, where countless hill slope and fjord side orchards are silhouetted against the breathtaking mountain panoramas of the fjords.
55/5/20At Sea
66/5/206AMNewcastle, UK
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