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Noble Caledonia Cruises

The Noble Experience.

Noble Caledonia have, from their inception, always set out to offer a wide range of experiences on intimate, smaller ships.

The small ship ethos allows Noble Caledonia to curate both and on board ambiance and itineraries which are ideal to discover the world in, all the while in the company of like-minded fellow explorers. A small ship allows for an atmosphere of camaraderie to develop on board, as you realise your fellow travelers share your interests and passions for learning and discovery.

On board a Noble Caledonia voyage, the mood is more akin to a country house hotel, or perhaps a private yacht than one would expect on larger cruise ships. You will find that after dinner, there aren't any Broadway style shows, rather guest speakers and briefings on your next ports of call.

Noble Caledonia's cruises are a mixture of ocean and river cruising, expeditions and more, with a variety of ships from all over the world. Make sure to ask your Cruise Specialists about specific offers and voyages.

Noble Caledonia's Own Vessels

Noble Caledonia's Chartered Vessels