Antarctica on Hurtigruten Expeditions

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To travel with HX is to open yourself to a world of awe. From cultural encounters to wildlife wonders, what you see and learn on your trip will inspire and energise you. And when you come back home, you’ll have a deeper, richer love of the planet we all share. Here are some of the reasons people choose to join an HX voyage time and again.

First impression when I stepped on board was how helpful the staff were. They were helping everyone to connect to their wi-fi to ensure we could download the app. You need this to know what is happening every day. This is also how you can check the menus in the restaurants.
The ship is beautiful. Very easy to navigate.

The expedition staff are amazing and keep you well informed of what is happening. There is a meeting every evening to advise what is happening the next day. It is also streamed on tv in your cabin.

Things can change last minute due to the weather but they will go elsewhere so you still have the chance to get off for a land or cruise experience.

The Drake passage was ok on the way out but not so good on the way back.

Even if you have never had an issue with sea sickness I would advise to take something with you.

We were off on either a landing or a cruise every day. Sometimes twice a day.

The boots and jacket they supply are welcomed.

I would advise to take warm clothing for off the ship but also cool clothing for on board. The ship is very warm.

The cabins are spacious and the beds are extremely comfy. Good size bathroom with a fab heated floor. Great for drying your smalls :-).

I would recommend a balcony cabin. To stand on the balcony and watch the whales sail past was amazing. They offer the overnight camping experience and a chance to kayak.

This is a lottery system. You fill in a form and hope you are picked. They also do the cold water plunge but not jumping off the ship. They do it from the beach. This is usually on the last day.

Overall it was an amazing experience. It is hard to put into words how amazing it was.

We found