Viking River Cruises

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Your Viking fare includes:

• At least one excursion per port

• All onboard meals

• Complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks with onboard dinner and lunch

• Complimentary coffee and tea and bottled water

• Complimentary onboard Internet service

• Deluxe hotel overnight stays where applicable

Viking are the world’s leading River & Ocean Cruise Line, with an emphasis on stylish, yet understated elegance and exceptional standards of comfort. Leading the way are the Viking Longships, a series of streamlined luxury river cruise vessels which are redefining the very concept of cruising.

Cruise Ships

Viking Heimdal
Viking Helgi
Viking Helvetia
Viking Hemming
Viking Herja
Viking Hermod
Viking Hild
Viking Hlin
Viking Idi
Viking Idun
Viking Ingvar
Viking Ingvi
Viking Jarl
Viking Kadlin
Viking Kara
Viking Kvasir
Viking Legend
Viking Lif
Viking Lofn
Viking Lomonosov
Viking Magni
Viking Mandalay
Viking Mani
Viking Mekong
Viking Mimir
Viking Modi
Viking Neptune
Viking Njord
Viking Odin
Viking Osfrid

Viking Prestige
Viking Pride
Viking Primadonna
Viking Ra
Viking Rinda
Viking Rolf
Viking Rurik
Viking Schumann
Viking Sineus
Viking Skadi
Viking Skirnir
Viking Sky
Viking Spirit
Viking Sun
Viking Tialfi
Viking Tir
Viking Tor
Viking Torgil
Viking Truvor
Viking Var
Viking Ve
Viking Vidar
Viking Vilhjalm
Viking Vili

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