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Explore the ends of the earth with Silversea Expeditions with the thrill of the unknown and also seldom explored.

A Silversea Expedition cruise is unlike any other form of travel you have experienced; both awe-inspiring and humbling, you will visit some of the most remote places on earth and discover them in depth.

Wherever you go, you will enjoy a unique and immersive holiday, which will expand your horizons and prompt you to consider what really matters as a result. And, of course, no creature comfort will be denied!

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Destination of the month: Antarctica

An Antarctic cruise with Silversea Expeditions lets you set foot on the Last Continent, a place comparatively untouched.

Revel in the grace and power of nature; admire the incredible abundance of wildlife; meet the challenge of reaching the last great frontier on earth. You’ll cruise across seas of calm blue, before passing pyramids of ice. And you’ll share this landscape with elephant seals and rookeries of penguins unused to human interaction; unafraid and markedly undisturbed by your visit.

Silversea’s luxurious Antarctica Expedition Cruises have the highest standards of safety, comfort and style on board Silver Explore and also the refurbished Silver Cloud.