Regions Cruised

Atlantic Islands
N Europe
N Europe/Med

Origin: UK Profile: Culture seeking 40-60+
Passenger Mix: UK, Australia/NZ, USA & Canadian Children: Unsuitable

Combining the comfort & benefits of boutique-style cruising with the very best of cultural travel, Voyages to Antiquity offers an opportunity to explore the history, culture & natural wonders of the Mediterranean, France, Iceland, Ireland & Britain.  Voyages to Antiquity pride themselves on the destinations they offer; from the famous sites to the lesser known but equally stunning places, they have all been carefully selected in conjunction with noted historians.

On-board Aegean Odyssey the experience is a little different too: you'll discover a friendly and congenial atmosphere that enables you to get to know your like-minded fellow travellers. Click the picture or ship name to get more details about the ship and its calendar of cruises.

Aegean Odyssey
Size: Small
11563 tonnes
Rating: Superior
Built: 1974


Grand Voyage to Classical Greece
27 September 2017
for 21 nights

Dalmatia & Ancient Greece
27 September 2017
for 12 nights

Classical Greece & Aegean Islands
05 October 2017
for 13 nights

Grand Aegean & Mediterranean
05 October 2017
for 28 nights

Ancient Greece, Sicily & Spain
16 October 2017
for 17 nights

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